Kylie would be the first to admit that she was pretty prudish growing up. No, she wasn’t some 30-year-old virgin and she had a few boyfriends before meeting her future-husband.

But something about getting married unleashed a reserve of kinkiness that Kylie never knew she had within her.

So when Dakota, their babysitter, accidentally left some of her clothes at their house, Kylie knew what she had to do.

It wouldn’t be enough to just throw on the outfit and give her husband a blowjob or something. Sure, he’d enjoy it. But Kylie wanted to have some real fun. She was planning to go all out.

First she went down to Victoria’s Secret to buy some of the cheap body mist sprays that she had seen sticking out of Dakota’s bag when the young couple went out of town for their anniversary and had her stay with the baby overnight.

It didn’t take too much detective work to realize that’s where Dakota got much of her makeup, so Kylie loaded up.

Then she went to the salon to have her hair dyed a matching ombré.

Finally, for the cherry on top, Kylie spent hours lurking over Dakota’s social media accounts, scrolling through her instagram, Facebook, even her snapchat, to learn anything she could about the 19-year-old babysitter. Her friends names, social life, common slang, favorite music, even how she did her makeup.

So when Kylie’s husband came home from work one Friday, he was surprised to hear Ariana Grande music coming from the guest bedroom. And even more shocked to find their babysitter Dakota lying on the bed with a juicy, teenage ass pointed right in his direction.

“Sorry I’m still here, Sir,” he heard her say and she kept clicking away at her phone. “Like, my friend Brooklyn was supposed to pick me up but, ugh, she’s running late.”

He could barely get out a word, but knew something wasn’t right – and not just because their babysitter was lying on the bed flashing her panty-free ass. After all, she wasn’t even supposed to be there on Friday. And her voice sounded a bit… different. And, while he certainly never tried to leer, he definitely knew that Dakota didn’t have an ass like that.

“Ever since she started dating Aiden she’s being acting like really salty to me. Its so like hashtag annoying! So, and you can like say No and I can get an Uber, but can you maybe let me sleep here tonight? Please?”

He didn’t know what to say. Of course he could offer up a room, but letting a nubile teenager girl sleep over at their house was a recipe for disaster. And what would his wife think?

“I don’t think your wife would mind to much.”

Kylie lept off the bed and stared at her husband.

“Besides, we could like totally have some fun.”

A smile crept across his face. He hashtag agreed 100 emoji.