The tall, athletic, well-dressed man transformed you into a blonde bimbo in front of everyone at the party. They seemed quite impressed with the spell. From your perspective, the room was spinning. You felt dizzy, brought your left hand to head, and closed your pretty eyes as you became such a ditz. 

You now had a beautiful face, highlighted by beautiful eyes, high cheekbones, pouty lips, and a cute nose. Your makeup was perfectly applied, highlighted by smoky eyeshadow, thick eyeliner, and frosted pink lipstick covering your thick bee-stung lips. Beautiful blonde curls fell over your eyes and continued until just below your slender, feminine shoulders.

Everyone was watching as you grabbed your big boobs and seduced the man you were dancing with. You instinctively knew that you had to rely on your physical assets, seductive movements and flirty personality if you wanted to get laid by a handsome, well-endowed, rich man. Your ditzy little brain wasn’t going to impress anyone but your big tits, blonde hair, and sexy outfit would.