Heather walked into her one-bedroom apartment when she suddenly felt compelled to stop in front of the mirror. Without explanation, she watched as her professional blouse reshaped into a pink sports bra and her black slacks tightened and shifted into yoga pants. The stretchy material rubbed against her skin as her butt swelled and plumped. There were so many little changes going on, it was hard for Heather to keep track. Her nails grew longer, her typically frizzy hair straightened out and turned a blonde hue. She could even feel the mascara appearing on her eyes.

Shocked and overwhelmed, Heather knew what she had to do. She picked up her cell phone and took at least two dozen selfies, trying to get the perfect teasing picture to send her boyfriend.

“You work too hard! I’m getting bored just being all alone in your house.” she texted him with the pic.

Sometimes the life of a spoiled girl was tough.