“And just what does
the collar do?” asked Zelda Zane, ace reporter.

“You were always
such an inquisitive little bitch,” Terence Tartarus replied, a
wicked grin on his face. “How much can you put together on your

“Well, the clasp has
no keyhole or external opening. The release must be controlled
wirelessly,” the reporter reasoned. “You were never one to waste
effort, Mister Tartarus, so the control for the release should also
govern other functions, Master.”

He smiled, watching
his new brilliant pet feel out the corners of her cage.

“And since I
couldn’t stop myself from calling you ‘Master,’ it stands to reason
that the collar can compel physical action,” Zelda said. “Am I
getting warmer, Master?”

“Oh, Ms. Zane, I
think you’re downright hot!” With the push of a button, an orgasm
wracked Zelda Zane’s body, the explosion of pleasure burning every
unasked question from her mind. Some days it made him so hard to take the
investigator out of the reporter.

Did this flash fiction
give you a thrill? Imagine the excitement of my longer fiction:

Zelda Zane features in Libido League #7. Terence Tartarus appears in #8 and #10!