“Touch up your
lipstick, Ms. Zane?” said the new makeup girl in her broad,
Brooklyn accent.

The ace reporter
turned to the newcomer, a tone of annoyance in her voice, “That’s
hardly necessary. It’s a very short on-air interview, and the other
girl already fixed my makeup. I don’t need …”

As the pale, pink
lipstick touched her flesh, Zelda Zane was struck by how good
it felt. The rich, creamy texture of the makeup caressed her lips
like a tender lover. The words she was saying faded to a soft cooing
sound from deep in her throat. The thoughts she was thinking melted
to nothing but bliss beneath the mind-blowing touch of the lipstick.

The makeup girl
laughed in Zelda’s glassy-eyed face. “I’ve had just about enough of
stuck-up, prissy bitches like you sayin’ terrible things about my
muffin! Glue Gun Gary ain’t never killed nobody that can be proved.
He just wants to make people crazy with happiness, just like he’s
made me!”

Addy Sivv licked the tip of the paralyzed reporter’s
nose. “That’s just how I’m going to make you!”

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