Detective a pleasure to see you again.

Hello doctor, could I ask you a few questions?

Sure, is this about the missing persons case?

No, I’ve been moved off of that. 

Ah, that’s too bad. What happened?

I guess my behavior has been… well the captain said I was acting erratically. Dressing in a way unbecoming of a detective. I’m on administrative leave.

Well, that’s too bad to hear. But you felt good dressing that way, didn’t you? It felt natural and freeing.

Yes it felt good. It felt natural and freeing.

Excellent. Doing so well Jennifer, do you mind if I call you Jennifer? It helps build your trust in me as we talk.

Yes call me Jennifer.

So Jennifer, what brings you to my office today?

I wanted you to hypnotize me.

Ah, but I thought you didn’t believe in hypnosis? I mean you did accuse me of drugging my patients and selling them to a slavery ring. I must admit that was hurtful.

I don’t… but when you explained to me how hypnosis helps you patients, I was thinking maybe I need help. I’m suspended and I’m acting strange, I can’t focus on work and I spend…

You spend what now Jennifer?

I spend most of my day masturbating.

I see. Well I think hypnosis may be able to help with that Jennifer. Of course it would be helpful if you were to get back your job and get back on the case. I could use someone who trusts me to help, direct, the investigation.


Don’t worry about that now Jennifer. Just remember when we had our first interview?


Remember how I showed you and your partner this spiral here. We talked about how hypnosis helps my patients and your partner agreed that from then on you’d be the only one to interview me, because he found hypnosis so boring that he fell asleep.


But you watched the spiral too, both of you. Just like you are now and you did it so well. So well Jennifer, just like you are now. And feeling yourself sinking back, thinking back as you just let go. Let go and fall into the spiral.

Let go.

Good girl. Now Jennifer sleep deeply, I have plans for you.

And awake, feeling wonderful. 

Doctor? I’m naked?

Yes, but that’s not a worry now. Is it now?

No, it’s natural to be naked for my doctor.

Good girl.