You’re hitting her deep and hard, gripping her by her hair and she’s holding on to the bed post for dear life, her nails clicking against the medal, moaning and screaming as you bury your violence inside her, wanting to feel all the anger you’ve got bottled up, wanting all of it stabbed violently deep and hard into the deepest part of her, hollowing her the fuck out, making more room inside her, breeding her with bruises. 

And then something happens. She tightens up around you but then stops, goes limp, slack almost. Her grip falls, her arms hang lose, her head falls forward and you have to completely support it. Her lips fall open and a steady string of drool spills out of her mouth. Her screams turn into one long throaty moan, “fuuuck,” and you feel her body starting to shake against you. She starts babbling incoherently through her cunt-shattering orgasm as you feel the palpitations against every inch of your body your pounding up into her now, pussy juice dripping back on you after each hard thrust. 

You know what her face looks like. You’ve seen this moment before. Her eyes all glassy, rolling out of place,rolling back into her skull. Her mouth open and defeated, gasping for air, gasping for someone to fill it, desperate to be made useful.

You’ve fucked her into a fuck-witted simpleton. You’ve fucked her brains out. She’s fucked stupid now. And after she’s finally recovered and gathered her wits about her again, she’ll always crawl back and beg you to fuck her stupid again.