Annnnnd patreon is gone for us.

(Credit to @kaijinboyfriend on Twitter for finding/pulling this out.)

What does this mean for @fourchambers and @camdamage and the other few Patreons I support?

Welp. There goes that project.

In before it’s Paypal strong-arming another website to follow their Puritanical morals or lose the right to conduct any transactions.

I mean, Patreon also doesn’t allow raffles or “one random member of this tier gets X per month” rewards, yet you see them everywhere. I’ll worry when Patreons start actually getting shut down for MC content.

MC content can be seen as Non-consensual in some cases, this is because Fetlife had also recently pulled it until about 1/3 of their kinkster base stopped paying them outright. 

Yes, I know, but like I said, Patreon ignores a lot of violations of their TOS. I suspect that this is just CYA in case they get a complaint, notthe start of a witchhunt.