It’s Worth Restating From Time to Time…




…that my intention with this blog is to have fun within a community of like-minded fetishists.  I’m not really doing anything like the wildly non-consensual things that go on in my stories in real life not only because they’re impossible, but also because that would be, like, super-evil.  I enjoy playing a diabolical hypnotic villain of sorts here on Tumblr, especially when other folks play along in the role of victim, and when someone who consents to the idea actually does trance to my work, that makes my day.  But if you’re actually out there wondering if people are grabbing innocent women off the street and turning them into mindless slaves and how do you get in on that, stop wondering.  Doesn’t happen, shouldn’t happen, can’t happen, and even if it could, it would be every kind of wrong.  It’s fun to have fantasies and get together with people who understand the messed-up stuff that turns us on.  It’s even more fun to make connections that allow you both to bring each other’s fantasies a little bit to life.  What’s not fun is taking advantage of people, even those who do share your fantasies, so don’t.

I now return you to a steady stream of stories about girls getting turned into mindless prostitutes.  Because, for some unfathomable reason, I find that idea SUPER hot…

Thank you so much for this post~

And here’s the other one. Also, sadly, there are actually people out there snatching women off the street, but that’s called “human trafficking” and is completely illegal in every country, as far as I know. But the point still stands. Enjoy the fantasy, sure, but watch that line. And don’t assume writers don’t know where that line is. They write because they know better than to try and do these things.