Patricia’s hard work and good grades earned her a place in an experimental new immersion program for grad students in her clinical psychology program.

Instead of just working on campus, she’d actually live with the undergrads and provide therapeutic services in an informal setting.

No musty office or appointments to get in the way.

And a Pink Pill or two really helped her fit in with the girls on her floor.

She had a dorm room, ate in the servery, worked out at the gym and even took some undergrad classes. The hip-hop dance class was her favorite.

Patti had to admit that it was tough to spend six months living apart from her fiance, but sometimes professional ambitions came first.

Of course, she always had time to talk on the phone or even send him fun, teasing videos to show off her new dance moves.

And he certainly didn’t mind her newfound coed look, though the dyed hair was a bit of a shock.

But they’d have time to catch up when he flew in for a visit that weekend.

Plus, her floor was throwing a Slutty Schoolgirls party, and Patti couldn’t wait to show off her costume. She knew he’d love it.