It really doesn’t feel like my point of view is important when the same handful of voices dominate the conversation (all of whom seem to have something sell tbh) it seems the hypnosis community and all the cons are the few people who shout “I’m a community leader” the loudest regardless of skill of background. I would submit a panel, but it feels that one of the big people are just going to steamroll it to make sure their product is at the forefront.




Anon, I am so so so sorry you’ve been given that impression! I present because I love to, but at last Charmed I didn’t present at all. I think that if you submit a panel that looks good, you would actually override someone who’s always doing the same thing. New takes are important, I can’t stress that enough.

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And to be honest, several “community leaders” in the hypnosis community, with definite exceptions, only say they are, or allow being told they are begrudgingly.  Several people I’ve met that teach a topic so often that others treat them as authorities on the topic actually get silently frustrated if called a “community leader” without literally leading a regional community… though most roll with it.  And not all people who literally lead an event or regional group actually present, or want to present, anything (though most times they do because they have to to get things off the ground).  Yes, there are people who jump at claiming the “community leader” title a wee bit too scarily readily… though I would put those in the far minority.

Mind you, the current culture we have unintentionally puts presenters on some sort of pedestal, same goes for book writers (”I literally wrote a book on the topic”), and therefore need to recognize they’re seen this way (even those that would rather sit on the sidelines and teach those that wish to learn).  But I’ve not yet talked to a single presenter who doesn’t want multiple takes on the same topic.  Maybe they’ll learn something new from you!  And, it feels awesome for someone you felt was some sort of authority on your topic to come up to you and tell you that they have some new things to try out on said topic because of your fresh new take.

The ones who present are the ones who put presentations forward when asked to provide them, that’s why they get to present most times is because they said “I want to, and this is what I want to do” and someone else didn’t.  There are honest attempts to schedule as many of the provided presentations as possible, and sometimes all of them are able to make it.  Getting all of them will likely not be the case with Charmed 2018 due to the decrease in number of class time slots throughout the weekend (in favor of longer time slots), and as the community grows, again, it will not be the case, but the people picking presentations like getting fresh perspectives, and being a newer presenter name may actually be a benefit in your favor.

Speaking as the person in charge of presentations at Entranced, nonny, I LOVE new presenters. If I have time constraints, I’m approximately infinitely more likely to tell the regular/established presenters that they don’t get to teach all of their classes than I am to tell a newbie no to their class.

I’ve never presented at a hypno con, but my experiences at several other types suggest that most organizers’ first choice is a new idea from a proven presenter, their second is a new presentation from a new presenter, and then (and only then) the same old thing from the same old voices. If a con has a lot of the same people presenting the same things year after year, that’s not a sign that the con doesn’t want new voices, it’s a sign that they’re desperate for new voices and not getting any.