Very good, Jill, deeper and deeper, and more and more aroused. And you may find that as you get more aroused, feeling sexier and sexier, your clit is itching and tingling in that very special way, and it’s the most natural thing in the world for your hand to move between the legs to take care of that very special itch. It’s okay, as you go still deeper, and feel sexier, to rub your clit, feeling that special feeling, like an itch, like a tickle, and the feeling gets stronger, the need gets greater, so it feels so very good to keep rubbing. You can’t stop now, it feels so good, the only thing that can end this is an orgasm.

But let me tell you a story, Jill, while you rub yourself, getting more and more excited, feeling better and better, about Achilles and the tortoise. Achilles, the mightiest and fastest warrior in Greece, is racing the tortoise, but because Achilles is so fast, the tortoise gets a head start, fifty yards ahead. Keep rubbing, feeling better and better, because the more you rub, the faster Achilles runs, and when he catches the tortoise you will get to have a delicious, fulfilling orgasm.

And here’s the thing, Jill: In the time Achilles sprints the fifty yards, the tortoise moves ahead one yard. Remember, when Achilles catches the tortoise, you will catch the orgasm, and you’ll get to come. But he hasn’t caught up yet. And because it feels so very good to keep rubbing, because you want to catch that orgasm so very much. And when Achilles has run that final yard, the tortoise has moved a few inches. You are just a few inches away from a compellingly powerful orgasm. You’re almost there, so very close, with the need growing stronger. Keep rubbing yourself!

Over and over again, it’s the same thing. You catch up to where that orgasm was, but it has moved just a little bit more ahead. You are always getting closer to the release you so desperately crave, with every fiber of your being, and the closer you get, the more aroused and excited you get, but you are coming to realize that no matter now close you get to it, your orgasm is always going to be a little bit ahead of you. But it’s so close, the pleasure is so intense that you have to keep chasing that frustratingly elusive orgasm, even though you are becoming more and more sure that you will never actually catch up to it and come.

And you won’t; not until I say you will.

(source: @horny-stm; via subles-linda)

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