“You drugged me,” she says, her voice slurred as she tries to keep her eyes open long enough to see your reaction to her words. She isn’t exactly right about that, but you know that it’s not really worth trying to correct her. Judging by the way she’s already leaning heavily against the wall for support, the hypnotic suggestion is already kicking in hard. She’s only got a few minutes before her will fades away under the influence of what she’s entirely certain is a potent chemical that robs her of her ability to think critically. She read about it in one of your stories. She doesn’t remember that part right now.

“You, you put something in the bath bomb,” she stammers, turning away from the bath and stumbling heavily as she tries to keep her balance. You’re there to catch her, gently lowering her to the bathroom floor before she can injure herself. She doesn’t sound upset at the apparent betrayal–you were both a little concerned at the possibility that removing her memory of consenting to the drugplay scene might cause an abreaction, but her subconscious is obviously cushioning the shock into dreamy, confused bliss. She’s too far gone to worry about what you might do to her. And deep down, she knows you’re only going to do exactly what she wants you to do.

“Open wide,” you whisper in her ear, and she unthinkingly parts her lips in automatic obedience. You put the eye-dropper just over her tongue and spill a few droplets of cherry-flavored liquid into her mouth. “Swallow,” you say, and she smiles as she complies. “That’s a good girl,” you purr, caressing her cheek as you watch her drugged and sleepy grin widen into mindless joy. “That’s my good girl, giving in to Yes, thinking Yes, saying Yes, becoming Yes. Isn’t that right?”

“Yesss,” she mumbles, slumping against your naked body in evident ecstasy. It’s not exactly how you suggested it to her–you thought she would be a bit more lucid, more like an automaton than a stoned and drowsy plaything. But she’s clearly interpreted the suggestion in the way that most fits in with her own fantasies, and it’s not exactly like having a naked woman curled up against you and practically purring with pleasure is a bad thing. You decide to go along with it. Your fingers snake between her legs, finding her wet cunt, swirling it with your touch until she moans openly with bliss.

“You’re not thinking anymore,” you tell her in smooth, firm tones. “You’re only obeying. It’s all you want to do. The drugs have numbed your sleepy mind into blank, blissful compliance for me.” You reach up with your other hand and gently grip her chin, moving her head up and down in a nod. “And that’s just perfect, isn’t it?” You don’t need to make her nod–the suggestion has already sent her deep into a haze of submission–but emphasizing her powerlessness turns you both on. And that’s so much of the fun.

“Ysss,” she hisses, barely able to speak now. You guide her up and onto your cock, sliding into her with a single smooth gesture. She responds with a moan, her slitted  eyes staring lazily into yours as you begin to fuck. It’s the best part of using a suggestion instead of a real drug–no worries about dosage, no concerns about side-effects or duration. She’s yours for as long as you want her to be…and judging by the gorgeous look of blank, malleable obedience on her face, that’s going to be some time.

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