He kept on talking to the women in the latest focus group about his invention and how it could be used to better people’s lives, droning on. The first participant was already well under though.

“… and I hope with this little demonstration you can see how virtual reality will be able to help people reach their goals in life.”

“How is she doing, Sir?”

“Nice and steady beat.” he lifted her arm up and watched it stay in position. “Okay, she’s ready for phase 2.”

“Understood… Master.” she said, feeling almost relief at being able to call Him her owner once more.

“Take them down to the basement. Get them strapped in. Make sure she goes in first.” he said, pointing to the girl at the end slumped over. “I don’t want her waking up early.”

He took the helmet and headphones off the woman and put them down.

“I’ll join you down there in a minute. I want to lock the prototypes back up again.”

“Yes, Master… Girls…” she said, addressing them with a hand on each shoulder. “Listen to my voice and obey.”

“Listen to your voice and obey.” both girls intoned slowly.

“You will now rise and follow me to the elevator.”

“We will rise and follow you to the elevator.”

A moment later, both women stood up, slightly slumped and began walking out of the room, ready to be prepared for the next stage.