Wow is that the Jenson sisters? They look goooood! I can’t believe those are the same preppy, prudish, bitchy, judgemental, little goody two-shoes we knew at Uni!

They are. And the transformation is more then cosmetic. Watch this; Slavegirls, Present.

Bloody hell! That’s amazing! How did you do that?

Well remember when I offered to help them with their psychology studies? We dabbled in the efficacy of hypnosis as part of their module on therapeutic intervention. I convinced them that the best way to learn was to experience it, and then lay the groundwork of submission which led to where they find themselves today.

Wait, what? You did that with me. The hypnosis efficacy thing. Did you do something to me? Are you planing to make me a fucking bimbo slut like them? Fuck. Stay away from me. Stop laughing. What are you fucking laughing at? I have to get out of here.


Yes Sir, I obey.

Good girl. I love having you in this blank obedient mode. Almost as much as what happens next. I know how much you disliked these girls at college but I think it’s time you kissed and made up don’t you…?

This… really needs more clarity on who’s talking in which paragraph. But otherwise, yes, good.