My personal submissive blog often deals in the fantasy of consensual degradation and humiliation. Those things are two of my biggest kinks with a trusted partner. Some of that can cross over into the fantasy of misogyny and male domination.

HAVING SAID THAT – if you are someone who *legitimately believes* in misogyny and patriarchy, that women are less than and inferior to men, pleeeeease fucking unfollow me right now.

You are not the company I wish to keep, and I do not want my blog to be even remotely associated with you. Full stop.

First rule of kink: never involve anyone in any aspect of your scene who hasn’t consented. So degrade your sub, that’s good clean fun for all. (Or, on a good day, good messy fun.) But when you degrade an entire gender, or race, any other broad class of humanity, you are degrading millions or billions of people who did not consent to your scene. That’s not kink; that’s violence.