“Wait, Master. I just… I just wanted to thank you for, well, everything!

This has been the greatest weekend of my life. I know that I was all nervous about taking the pills and dumbing down and being like, degraded or  whatever.

But… well… I… I know this might just be the Pink Pills talking, but I love being a stupid little slut!


I love it! I love showing off my body and how it makes me wet when boys stare and oh god last night when I got up on stage at the bar for the wet T-shirt contest and like made out with that girl and it was just So. Much. Fun.


Thank you for doing this to me, sir.

I know that after this vacation I’ll go back to being a smart doctor lady and you’ll be my husband or whatever.

But, like, until then, I just want to… well… like… show you how much I appreciate you and stuff.


God, I can’t even think straight.

I’m just, like, so in love with you.

I love you.

I love you master.

Just tell me what to do.”