What would you do with Olivia Munn?



Olivia’s definitely got that “bad girl” vibe, but she does blank stares so well, too. I’d program her to be a seductress, make her overwhelmingly attracted to me, and make stripping a trigger, so the more clothing she removes the more submissive and empty she becomes.

Something to add to this:

There are a few languages (Hindi, for instance) that just sound hot. Sometimes, particular accents are that way. Sometimes, particular speakers are that way. Well, Olivia Munn speaking Japanese is definitely one of those. In general that’s a kind of “meh” language, but she just makes it sound gorgeous. And, I’m a fan of words, language, and its unique power over mankind.

Coincidentally, a few minutes after I answered this ask, @hotgirlsbeinghot posted this: