Dorothy felt…soft. That was the only way to describe it; the more she stared at the little crystal pendant that Hal dangled from the end of the silver chain, the easier it became to simply let go of her thoughts. They didn’t go away; she could still think, and she knew she could even look away if she wanted to. But right now nothing seemed particularly important. Her thoughts flitted in and out, and her body felt so deliciously loose and lazy, and she just wanted to let go and be soft for a while.

When she reached up and began to undo the buttons on her blouse, even that seemed soft and relaxing. Her hands drifted up to the stays like they were floating through warm water, fumbling at each one with a detached and sleepy indifference. It didn’t seem to matter that she was exposing her naked breasts to Hal’s stare; Hal was making her feel so good, and she was so relaxed and happy, and it just felt like the nicest thing in the world to show him her tits while her hands dropped back into her lap with a heavy thud. And when they did, she dropped along with them.

Dorothy let out a lazy sigh, her eyes locked in a glassy stare at the gently swinging pendant. The sparkles at the edge of every facet only made her mind and body feel softer still, each back-and-forth motion drawing her deeper and deeper into hypnosis. She was being hypnotized, she realized, but even that understanding felt soft and muted. She didn’t need to think about it. She didn’t really need to think about anything. She could simply let herself sink into the rainbow facets of the pretty pendant and let Hal’s voice guide her along.

Once she knew that, it became so easy to nod absently at Hal’s words and follow his instructions. She reached up again, her hands moving easily and effortlessly at his command, and began to fondle her breasts for him. Even they felt soft, and the pleasure only softened her mind further into obedience. She didn’t know why she had never thought about how good it could feel to obey. She didn’t know why she hadn’t asked to be hypnotized long before this. Hypnosis felt so wonderful. It felt like a fantasy she had been dreaming of for ages, and had simply forgotten.

The more she thought about it–as much as she could think, with her mind so blissfully soft and so helplessly focused on the pleasure and the pendant–the clearer it became. She had always wanted to be hypnotized. She had never let herself think about it, because it seemed like such an impossible fantasy, but she had always secretly hoped that Hal would hypnotize her and make her his mindless, obedient slave. That thought took a few moments to settle, and she felt her head move back and forth like the pendant as she tried to deny it…like the pendant. The pretty pendant. The pretty pendant softened Dorothy’s will until it was smooth and malleable. Of course it did.

Of course it made sense. Hypnosis controlled her mind. If she wanted to be hypnotized, she must want to have her mind controlled. If she wanted to have her mind controlled, then she must want to be a slave to a hypnotist. If she had deep, powerful, irresistible fantasies about hypnosis, she must want to be Hal’s slave. It all seemed so logical, once Dorothy’s soft, sleepy mind thought about it in Hal’s voice.

“I am your mindless, obedient slave,” Dorothy said, and then her mind and body softened into liquid bliss and she remembered nothing more.

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