Jenny didn’t know how Oscar was so damn seductive. She didn’t usually go back to the place of guys she’d just met but with him she just couldn’t resist. He was so charming.

When she was arrived she was surprised to find that he lived in such a big, luxurious, house. He didn’t look like he was successful but he had such an exotic home; utterly stunning.

In she went, swept off her feet, caught up in the moment. She was surprised at herself and then surprised in general when she found a woman waiting for them, dressed in some sexy, black, lingerie.

“Hey there hunny,” the woman purred, “Quite the cutie today. I bet she’ll turn out nicely.”

“Erm… what is this?” Jenny asked when Oscar came in close, rubbing a hand across her front, whispering her into ear.

“Don’t worry about it… let’s make you more comfortable.”

She didn’t know how it happened, how did she end up undressed, how did she end up in her underwear? She felt completely frozen in place.

Oscar rubbed in from one side while his female friend rubbed in from the other. She was blonde, beautiful and busty, like somebody straight from an adult movie and she was slowly lifting up Jenny’s top and exposing her chest.

Openly she fondled and rubbed her flat breasts, giggling.

“Now stay still sweetie. I’m just gonna make a few changes and I want you to stay absolutely still.”

“W-what are you doing?”

“Shhhh,” Oscar whispered into her ear, “Stay still, stay quiet. Let my pet work.”

Jenny wanted to squeal when she felt a warm essence flowing into her chest but she couldn’t release a sound and couldn’t move a muscle. It was like she couldn’t resist his voice.

As she was frozen the blonde bimbo began to flood her breasts with some power and slowly they began to grow, they began to expand to her touch, lifting up from tiny bee stings into swelling mounds which were getting bigger and bigger.

“That’s a good girl. Tits getting bigger and bigger as your brain gets smaller and smaller.”

Jenny noticed it, with every cup her chest increased her head seemed to get a bit emptier. She was getting duller, ditzier, dumber. Jenny was growing busty and stupid.

“So busty, so dumb.”

“So dumb, so horny.”

“So horny, so needy.”

“So needy, so obedient.”

“So obedient, busty.”

“Now start to say it yourself. By the time you finish you’ll be an even bigger bimbo than me!”

Jenny began to chant as her body slipped into trance, her body changing as her mind swallowed up the commands. So busty, so dumb, so horny, so needy, so obedient, so busty, so dumb, so horny…

Snap! Oscar snapped his fingers and brought her back to reality.

“Rise and shine pet, say hello to the new you.”

“Like so big… so horny… so needy…”

“Babe you’ve done it again. This is one empty headed fuckdoll.”

“I bet she’ll make tons of money at the auction! You really know how to pick them master!”

“And you know how to change them my bimbo pet. Now let’s break this bitch in. She’ll need some training before she’s ready to put on sale.”

Jenny moaned happily as the two approached her and began to run their hands back over her body, this time seeking more. She sure wasn’t resistant to a threeway this time, she simply craved sex in any shape or form. After all she was busty and dumb now which meant she was a horny bitch… so needy, so obedient…