“Oh wow! I like your watch! I…” her voice faltered as I looked at her .

“Uhhh yeah” I said awkwardly, she was cute (and those tits!) but there was something strange about her expression “a weird dude gave it to me. Said it was cursed but my old watch had just broken so…” this time my voice tailed off, she was smiling now in a way that made her look quite mad and she hadn’t blinked once.

“Wow..“ she said again dreamily “what are you shopping for?” she asked earnestly as if nothing could interest her more. Something was very strange about her, she seemed to be slowly inching towards me, maybe she was just an oddball who was bad at flirting.

“..Shaving cream“ I responded completely nonplussed “but I think I might be in-”

Love?!??!??” she interjected enthusiastically, smile broadening and eyes strangely wide and bright.

“-the wrong aisle” I continued quietly. 

This did absolutely nothing to deter her however as, grinning yet more broadly, she stepped close enough to squeeze her chest against my torso.

“Then it must be fate that brought us together!” she whispered gleefully looking up into my startled face. Thinking this must be a joke I decided to try to make a break for it.

“Errrr, well it’s been nice meeting you, I-”

“You really think I’m nice?!??“ she interrupted, flinging her arms around me and pressing her boobs more firmly into my abdomen. Despite myself, and the very public place we were in, my cock started slowly to harden against her stomach. As if she’d been waiting for this her hand leapt to the growing bulge in my pants and she began to softly stroke it as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

“Yeah“ I said, shocked and not really knowing what to say “I think you’re-“

The love of your life?!?!??!?” she interrupted again in an excited squeak “I can’t believe how in sync we are! We’re already finishing each other’s sentences! You’ll come back to my house now, right?!? We could have lunch and make love and get married and I could write you poems and…”