Lemma the Librarian: Diminishing Returns, Part 7

But by the time I managed to get
Iason up, it was another twenty minutes, and then ten minutes while he went out
to the well, filled a bucket of water, and poured it over his head, and then he
wanted to have breakfast before he discussed anything, and all told it was
almost an hour before he was ready to talk. By that time I was a mess, trying
to keep my face straight while I fought the urge to start humping the table
leg, or possibly his leg. Hell, by this point I’d take Mira’s leg.

C’mon Lemma, fight! I know you’re
out of practice at this resistance thing, but you can do it!

“So what’s up?” asked

I took a deep breath. “I think
you should go looking for Iola,” I said.

“Yeah, that’s the plan,”
he said. “I figured we’d set out after breakfast.”

I struggled to think of something I
was allowed to say. Something other than Fuck me now, you magnificent piece
of meat
, I mean. I remembered that time we’d sworn never to discuss again,
when I had to get him off to save that village from an Old One, and for a
moment I could almost convince myself that the sheer weirdness of our
lives could distract me from how badly I needed to be fucked.

But only a moment.

“Something is… different
about this place,” I said. Okay, that was technically within the rules.
“I want to stay and…  investigate.”

“Well, if you think there’s
something to worry about, then yeah, let’s do that!”

Shit. He had no idea Hragulf was
here, and I couldn’t tell him. If he stayed, it was only a matter of time
before Hragulf used the stone on him, too. I needed to warn him, but how? The
only person who knew about Hragulf and wasn’t either his slave or unable to
talk about him… Ah. That was how. “No, I think you should go looking
for Iola.”

He studied me a moment. C’mon,
you lug. I know you’re more than just a pretty face and abs I could bounce a
silver piece off… mmmm…
I attempted the mental equivalent of dousing
myself in cold water. It only sort of worked. Figure it out… I could
see the wheels churning in his head. We knew where Iola was, or so he thought.
Why would he have to search for her if we knew where she was? Figure it

“Okay,” he said. “You
stay here and investigate, I’ll find Iola and talk to her.”

Yes! He would leave to find Iola. Taking his cock with him.
Meaning the only one left here would belong to…


To be continued…

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