Laura’s idea of a romantic night used to involve back rubs by candle light. And she had to admit that her husband’s forearms always turned her on.

But then he got a universal remote, and Laura realized that nothing was hotter than wearing a cheerleader uniform.

The idea of being Queen Bee in high school started to drive her wild, and her new favorite romantic escapade involved doing whatever it took for the coach — or student body president — to appoint her head of the cheer squad.

“Please… I’ll do whatever you want,” she’d say looking up with big doe eyes. “Just don’t tell anyone or get jizz on my uniform.”

She’d daydream about seeing the boys in the bleachers get all turned on while she did her routines during pep rallies — or leer at her in hallways when she wore her outfit to class on game days.

Laura had to admit that it especially turned her on to fantasize about the teachers checking her out. Or dads showing up at football games just to watch her dance.

She spent her days touching herself while clicking through websites in search of just the right cheerleader outfit and pom-poms. And she had to confess it was a bit pervy when she mocked up a fake yearbook filled with sexy pictures of herself, and asked her husband if she could watch while he jerked off to it.

“Say I’m the hottest girl in class!” she would moan while touching herself. “Tell me I’m hotter than any of the senior girls, or even college girls!“