Jessie played with her tits and watched as Helen, the HR manager sucked the intern’s dick.

“I still can’t believe you sent a program out to everyone’s computers to control them! Everyone’s acting like your slave!”

“That was the easy part. I installed it on the PC of the head of IT first. I convinced him that it was in his best interests to help me push it out across the network. He was happy to help.”

“Mmmm! Maybe we should discuss you becoming the head of IT!”

“Actually, I was thinking of something higher. Like managing director.”

“Wait, that’s my job!”

“Yes, but wouldn’t it be more fun if I was the one telling people what to do? Doesn’t that sounds perfectly reasonable, but also incredibly hot?”

“Well, since you put it like that, yeah, I think so! Just promise me you won’t use that program on me, ‘kay?”

“Oh, of course not! I wouldn’t dream of brainwashing my boss into becoming my obedient fuckdoll!”

“Good, then we’re agreed! I’ll stand down and you can take my place first thing Monday.”

“Agreed. Now, get up and mount me like a good little fuckdoll.”

I tell you something, @sanescientist is bang on form recently. So many excellent captions!