Jane was pissed.

When she agreed to let her boyfriend play around with the universal remote, she thought he was just going to make some fun little alterations. Maybe change her eye color — she had worn blue contacts lenses for years — or give her hair a cute, subtle hombre. Or maybe help her drop a stubborn three pounds. 

This… this was just…. she couldn’t handle it.

“What… what did you do?!”

Jane intended for the words to sound angry. Instead it came out like a girl unwrapping unexpected presents on her birthday. Excited and gleeful.

“I have, like, this fake tan.”

She meant to sound disgusted, but rather, expressed pleasant surprise.

“And my hair is so long and blonde… totally cute!”

She had not planned on saying “totally cute.”

“And my butt… I look like I could be a dancer in some hip-hop music video or something!”

A sentence crafted to express disgust only communicated the highest praise.

Jane continued to stare at herself in the mirror, her body moving with a subtle eroticism she couldn’t control. In the reflection, however, she noticed her boyfriend leering brazenly at her thick behind.

“Take a picture,” she said with a flirtatious giggle. “It’ll last longer.” And then, before Jane knew what she was doing, she blew him a kiss.

Sure thing sweetie! She heard him say. I’ve even put it in video mode, too.

With those words, her butt dropped to the floor and started twerking and grinding in ways that Jane didn’t even know she was capable of.

Jane could feel each jiggle and sway of her big, round bottom, and the tickle of her ditzy new hair. Watching her new body dance in the mirror, and knowing that each second was being record, started to overwhelm her with embarrassment.

And, much to Jane’s consternation, arousal.

“Well,” she thought to herself. “Maybe I’ll just shake it for a little bit longer.”

Followed by a giggle. That one was intentional.