Soon it would be over.  The shame of her defeat.  The humiliation at the hands of her hated foe.  All would end with the final *snap* of the collar.  She’d known the price of failure when she picked the fight.  She knew what he did to his conquered foes.  All he defeated were collared, subjugated, and then broken.  

The final *snap* of the collar echoed in her ears.  She felt him now, not only behind her, but inside her mind.  Telling her that his triumph was now complete.  She belonged to Him now.  She too would become one of the Defiled, his name for the harem of heroes he had conquered.  

“Soon.” His voice whispered into her mind.  It wouldn’t be long before His voice was all that remained in her mind.  Soon, she would be proud to kneel before him.  Soon, she would take her rightful place at His hand.  Soon.