In every seduction, there’s a moment when everything is in perfect balance. There’s a timeless instant where the person being seduced freezes, mentally and physically, as the conflicting desires of propriety and arousal are exactly equal in their mind, and they can no longer decide whether to do what they know is right, or what feels so deliciously wrong. In that moment of balance, they’re completely vulnerable to the influence of their seducer. Their mind teeters, unable to come to a decision on their own.

Kathy was precisely at that point. And Sam had his thumb on the scale.

His voice was neutral, smooth and emotionless as he described the play of light on the gemstone spinning gently on the table in front of him. Every time it started to wobble, he scooped it up in a single smooth gesture and set it back into motion again, twirling on its axis like the prettiest, most expensive top ever made. Kathy couldn’t take her eyes away. She hadn’t even blinked in almost a minute. It wasn’t what most people thought of as a seduction, but Sam knew that the only difference between hypnosis and seduction was that hypnosis always worked.

It was working now. Sam’s steady, mesmerizing voice had already moved beyond lulling Kathy into a state of blank, relaxed acceptance and on into the slow heat of mounting arousal. She could feel his words teasing her, telling her that it was okay to give up control and allow her body to enjoy the sensations Sam was evoking. She nodded slowly, absently, her world narrowed down to the flashing gem and the sound of Sam’s calm, soothing words in her ears. She knew that the things he was saying to her were tugging at her thoughts, dragging her mind down like an undertow pulling at a struggling swimmer, but she felt too peaceful to consider the implications. She knew she could stop watching, stop listening, walk away any time she wanted… but it felt so good to listen and follow his suggestions. She was at that point of balance.

Sam pushed down.

“Feel your hands moving, just relax and let yourself notice how good it feels to let them move all on their own at my direction. Just let them reach up, take hold of the stay at your collar. It’s so nice to listen and obey, Kathy. The more you obey, the better you feel. Your mind can stay right there, locked into the dazzling play of light on my gemstone, and your body can relax deeper and obey my words and my voice. Now, Kathy… picture in your head how good it’s going to feel when you pull on that stay, when you follow my command and open yourself to me mind and body. Let that pleasure, that heat, that arousal build and build. It keeps getting stronger. You can’t fight it. You don’t want to fight it. You already know you’re going to obey. Go ahead and follow your instructions, and feel the pleasure of obedience… NOW.”

The thing about that point of balance is that once you’ve gone past it, your descent only accelerates. It took Kathy almost a full minute to expose her breast. It took less than ten seconds for her to remove the rest of her clothes. After that, well… there was no resistance at all anymore.

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