Candi tried desperately not to put the headphones on. She knew they were doing something to her, and that she could make it stop, if only she stopped listening. She stared at them, sitting on the counter. They looked so harmless.

She cupped one of her breasts, stroking it as she thought. She’d been doing that a lot lately – caressing herself whenever she tried to think deeply. She was pretty sure that wasn’t normal, but it was so hard to remember! She couldn’t remember what her job was – something to do with law? Was that a thing? Did people have, like, law jobs? Candi couldn’t figure it out.

She was pretty sure Candi wasn’t her name, too. She kept thinking some weird sound – Cah-rill? Care-ill? – but that wasn’t even a name! It didn’t make sense.

She picked up the headphones. She was pretty sure she used to be smart. And she was almost positive she didn’t used to fuck so many guys, or giggle so much. She giggled. She giggled every time she heard or thought the word ‘giggle’. She giggled again.

It was really distracting, giggling so much. She giggled.

It was the headphones, she knew it. She didn’t remember when she first listened to them, but it was a while ago. Like a year. Or a week. Or something. She really had no idea. But whatever it was, they made her dumb! And they were gonna do it even more!

She reached down to rub her pussy through her fishnet panties while she thought. It didn’t help. All she was sure of was that the headphone were making her some kind of… of… bimbo!

She gasped as she thought that word. Everything felt so good. She thought it again. Bimbo.

It was like a pleasant buzz all over her body. “Bimbo,” she said aloud. It was like a long, slow lick of a tongue across her pussy. It made her melt.

That’s what she was going to be. If she put on the headphones, she’d get even dumber, and even sluttier, and more of a bimbo. She squirmed. “Bimbo,” she purred, “making me a bimbo.” She was lost in a haze now. She slid the headphones on. “Bimbo bimbo bimbo bimbo bimbo…” she whispered to herself, over and over, as the music started.