“How does it feel, Melody?” The words seemed to come from a great distance, like she was submerged in a pool of liquid pleasure and whoever was speaking was somewhere above the surface. She imagined herself swimming in bliss, her hair drifting around her as the currents took her mind wherever it wanted to go. Wherever it was directed to go, she thought absently. The voice was telling her things, and even though she wasn’t really listening, the motion of the instructions in her mind produced the currents that moved her sleepy thoughts.

Just like now. “Nnnnice,” she purred dreamily, the response coming without any conscious volition to direct it. She didn’t need to think about speaking, just like she didn’t need to think about taking off her clothes or about what her left hand was doing under the glass table she was sitting at. She didn’t need to think about anything, not when she could just drift in sensation and let her mind wander wherever it was told to go.

The voice spoke again. “Then you enjoy the effects? You want to do this as often as possible?” The voice seemed familiar, like someone she should remember talking to often. But remembering seemed like a tedious, impossible task; it was just easier and more enjoyable to dive deeper and deeper into the fathoms of pleasure. She could always sink deeper, she realized. She could always go further down…

And as she did, her response came automatically. “uh huh,” she murmured, a drowsy smile accompanying the words as she gazed vacantly through half-open eyes at the person speaking to her. She wasn’t really sure that it was the right answer–it was harder to respond when she wasn’t simply agreeing with what she was told. But she was pretty sure she was expected to say yes, and judging by the smile she got in return, she had guessed correctly. She whimpered in bliss as her fingers rewarded her obedience.

“Excellent!” the voice said, the praise like warm honey pouring into her mind. “Then you’ll let me give you more. Whenever I want to. You won’t even need to think about it at all, agreeing will be as natural to you as breathing.” That was such a nice description, she decided. Or she had it decided for her, which felt so much better. Agreeing was as natural as breathing. She inhaled pleasure, she exhaled thought, and everything else happened perfectly naturally.

She felt her head bobbing up and down in mindless acceptance as she cooed, “…yeah…” with sleepy astonishment. It sounded so amazing. She could have dose after dose of…she didn’t remember what, exactly. All she remembered was that she volunteered to take it, an experimental…something or other…and now she could have it whenever she wanted it. Whenever she was told to want it. That sounded wonderful. So fucking, fucking wonderful, fucking fuck fuck! She came hard, not realizing that it was far from the first time.

“That’s my good girl, Melody,” the voice said. Melody literally couldn’t help but agree.