34? ;3

34: One fictional character I’d like to hypnotize

Let’s go a little outside the usual answers on this one–like Doctor Who companions or superheroines–and say Shion Uzuki. I mean, brilliant beautiful petite redheaded glasses-wearing tsundere scientist who has a great trance expression in that one scene where chaos is probably mind-controlling her to not question what she just saw? Fuck. Yeah.

3. Books/movies/tv shows from when I was young that may have influenced me to be into hypno?

Nah. For me it was 100% the ads in a collection of old comics I got as a hand-me-down present for my 12th birthday.

Although I did always like Sleeping Beauty… Aurora (and even more so, Briar Rose, mmm peasant dress + corset combo) was my favorite Disney princess until Jasmine came along.