Lauren typed furiously. It was imperative that she sent this email, before…well, before – she shivered, half in fear, half in arousal, at what the Program might do to her mind if she let herself get too distracted.

It was too late for her, of course. she’d already been exposed. Several late nights of working, not unlike tonight, had let the Program’s subtle commands worm their way into her thoughts, conditioning Lauren to serve it, to make it stronger, in preparation for the next wave of victims. Lauren had caught herself screaming out her devotion to the Program as she masturbated furiously in bed, only a couple of nights ago, and in that moment, she had seen with blinding clarity what the Program wanted – and how important it was to take action, as soon as possible.

Dear Melissa… she typed, cursing herself as one hand left the keyboard, and began to fondle her breasts. This Program is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I put all the girls in the office to work, trying to crack its’ code-

Dammit. Lauren realised it now. That was exactly what the Program had wanted her to do. To spread its’ influence. To bring more minds under its’ control, all working together to increase its’ potency. If they had all been working on it, then….

Lauren closed her eyes, her fingers once again leaving the keyboard, and snaking down into her soaking wet panties. God…it was so hard to type with just one hand. Maybe if she got herself off, the Program would be sated, and she could –

No. Melissa deserved to be told. 

Lauren imagined her boss, legs spread, eyes wide, as she frantically stroked herself into oblivion. Maybe the Program would make Lauren watch, helplessly, as Melissa’s mind fell under the spell of its’ blissful instructions?

Satisfied with her efforts, Lauren clicked ‘send’. It was simply a matter of time, now. The Program had won.

The Program always wins.