That feeling, it was heaven. The warmth of her skin, the slightly salty taste of her lust,she was perfect. Now she understood. There was joy in this, pleasure in this. It echoed in her mind as she savored what she had become.

It wasn’t too long ago that she had been someone else’s heaven. Squirming and whimpering, she resisted the feeling of another woman on her body. Her desperation must have been delicious. First for escape, then for release and finally for the sweet ecstasy of just one more tease, she wondered now if they could taste it on her. Days, weeks, writhing in need made it impossible to think, to function. As one tired, another would take her place, licking, sucking, teasing her mind away. She wasn’t a person when they were done. She was an object, a thing, an animal at best, begging to be used. Then He came.

He took her head in His hands, His touch sending shudders across her soul. He did this to her, tied her up, took her freedom, broke her mind. He held all of her there and she just wanted to thank Him. She opened her mouth to pant, to beg, to say anything but He spoke first. Her world began to erode from beneath her, spiraling down into the depths of His gaze. He told her what she was, what she would do. He gave her purpose and she drank it all in.

Now here she was, another nameless tongue torturing some sweet girl. She wouldn’t tire. She wanted this more than any of the others, to be the one to break her. He would come for this girl just as He had done for her. He would give this sweet little slave her own purpose, her own pleasure to crave. Then He would do as He did before and make her watch as He filled His devoted slut’s denied little pussy. Taking the girl’s nipple into her mouth once more, she imagined His cock inside her, using her, claiming her, filling her with pleasure for fulfilling her purpose, and wondered what He would have her do next.