got any MC hat scenarios?


Magic hats, you say? Well, not many, but here’s one I made earlier…

“Seriously? This hat is magic? This hat? It’s been charmed with a spell that turns whoever wears it into the unquestioning love-slave of the first person they see? Jeez, who comes up with this crap? So, if I were to put it on, then….

“See? Nothing happened. I don’t feel any different, the hat isn’t glowing or anything, is it? And I’m still in complete control of my own body, see? I can tap-dance, I can flail about, I can-

“No, of course, if you don’t want me to take the hat off, I won’t. And you want me to sit down, open my legs, start stroking my clit, and massaging my breasts? Of course! Nothing weird about that. It makes perfect sense, somehow. Anything for you, my love. My love…yes, that’s what you are <giggle!>”