Simone gazed down at her former friend. It was so strange, sitting up like this and looking down on her. She wondered when things had changed so much, when she had stopped looking up to her. She tried to play back the events that led her here but it was all a bit hazy.

“Please… stop…” Taylor groaned, breaking through her own, less figurative haze. Simone didn’t say a word, instead bringing the trophy wife’s pleading stare up to meet hers. “Why?” was all Taylor could manage.

“You won’t remember,” Simone assured her, gently petting her head, “so don’t worry.”

Truth be told, Simone didn’t know why and she didn’t much care. It was nice to see Taylor like this, about to be so broken. She had always been so perfect, so powerful and when she wrapped that rich husband of hers around her finger, Simone wondered if all her sleepless nights and student loans were really worth it. Taylor had always made her feel so small and it was so good to bring her idol to her knees.

None of that really mattered either. No matter her own feelings, Simone knew she would have wound up right here eventually. It was what her Master wanted, what He needed to continue His work. Simone could see now that she was the lucky one. Taylor’s husband paid for her body but Master was always interested in Simone for her mind. They designed this drug together, spending so many nights in His little makeshift lab, so many mornings in His bed.

XTC-11 was far from perfect, which was why He never used it on her. Simone was special, precious, and He would never risk her safety. It took a while for her realize that, to see all the good He was doing before she called Him Master. She had gone to school to change the world after all, to make it a better place. As she looked into Taylor’s eyes and saw the drug burn away the last of her fear, she knew that this project would do just that. She couldn’t stop the wicked smile creeping across her face.

“Worship me, pet,” she commanded, ready to savor her creation.

Taylor felt the words of her Goddess fill her mind, dripping with such sweet honey that it was difficult to do anything but listen. She could feel herself being lost, being eaten away but the part of her that would have cared was already gone. Thankfully, Taylor could see her body obey even though her mind was quickly becoming too weak. Reaching up to touch Simone, she saw the joy her submission brought her and she knew she shouldn’t fight it. With a small glint of approval in Simone’s eyes, that fire of lust consumed her, making Taylor nothing more than a perfect object for her Goddess to use.