Tfw someone you follow on Twitter starts talking about far-right dogwhistles in the bimbo fetish community and you desperately want to engage them on the topic but you can’t because your Twitter account is tied to your real name

If you are serious about your Patreon or other crowdfunding, or try to sell your work in other ways such as ebooks, you should have a Twitter account for your ebook-writing identity anyway. (Mine is @ShamanSigV, by the way.)

If there are far-right dogwhistles being blown in the bimbo fetish community, I’d really like to know about it, and know who is blowing them.

So fortunately, someone else asked them for more detail so I can report what they were talking about: apparently certain bimbo Tumblr accounts prominently mention something called “gnon,” which is an obscure reference to the alt-right’s pet philosopher Nick Land.