“You’re so adorable when your mind breaks. All those inhibitions just come tumbling down. To think, not even an hour ago you were making decisions that affected thousands of people. You’re not in any condition to be doing that now, are you, love?”


“I bet you had a long day at work. Each choice, each thought draining you more and more, weighing on your sleepy mind.”

“My sleepy mind belongs to Sir.”

“That’s right. No matter how tired or weak you get, no matter how hard your day was, it’s so easy, so natural to come right back here. Deeper and deeper in trance you go, further and further under my control. Those words are all you have now but you know how I love watching you beg.”

Her hips buck, her back arches. She’s desperate to feel something against her clit. I can’t help but cup her face.

“Don’t worry, love. I’ll make use of all those pretty, soft, pink parts soon. First, I think there’s something you need to hear.”

Her eyes went wide as she whined, This is my favorite part, the need. That look in her eyes as all her urges rail against her programming, against my will, it’s perfect. My will always wins of course, always. She’s mine, after all, but it’s so fucking sexy to see her try.

“Good Girl.”

Her composure breaks and she collapses on the bed. The sounds she makes are music as I undo my belt. Her ass in the air, her body shaking, through it all she remembers, she knows. Her legs spread wider, calling to me, begging through the ecstasy. She knows her truth as I fill her:

Her sleepy mind belongs to me.