What a piece of shit Ted Cruz is…

Also, he’s just straight-up lying. The current net neutrality rules were established in 2015, but net neutrality has been in place since 2004.

The timeline:

2004: FCC establishes net neutrality rules and begins looking into possible violations.

2005-2010: FCC finds a buttload of violations.

2010: FCC revises rules.

2010-2014: FCC finds a further buttload of violations.

2014: Verizon wins a lawsuit. Courts tell FCC that net neutrality rules are unenforceable unless ISPs are reclassified as “common carriers.” Net neutrality is dead–for like three months.

2015: FCC reclassifies ISPs as common carriers. Net neutrality restored!

2017: FCC repeals 2015 rule classifying ISPs as common carriers. Net neutrality is dead again.