Cassie hated her coworker.

He was such a confident jerk — reminding her of all the asshole guys from college. While she would study in the library, all those bros would just get drunk and grind up on all kinds of sluts at their parties.

She thought that a professional, ambitious job would be an escape. But no, and now Cassie had to put up with his swagger and crude jokes and inappropriate comments about his Tinder dates.

And worst of all, it turned her on. 

Cassie would lie in bed, frustrated, fantasizing about grinding up against him in the middle of some party, bass thumping in the background, while tossing her hair and giggling like a ditz.

So late one night, when Cassie was deep into a bottle of wine and tipsily stalking his social media feed, she noticed that he was planning on going to some schoolgirl-themed night at a downtown club.

She decided to finally make her fantasies come true. And if she couldn’t get her jerk coworker, there’d at least be other guys there willing to dance up on an aspiring ditzy schoolgirl.