It had seemed like such a brilliant plan. Find a sexy, beautiful woman, subject her to subliminals, and then fuck her brains out.

One flaw: Ruby was sexy, beautiful, and boring as hell. She was a selfish, lazy lover, we had no interests in common, there was just nothing there. The only thing going for her besides looks was that she was gullible enough to actually look when a man on the street held a cell phone in front of her face and said “Check this out!”

There had to be something I could do, some way of molding her behavior into something more entertaining. I could hold her attention with the subliminals, make her obey, but rote obedience wasn’t what I wanted.

The key would be feedback. Something she could interact with, so that she wouldn’t just be programmed, she would learn. So a few months of work, and I put together the game that would train her…

(To be continued)

Oh wowwww. You… actually came up with a reverse bimbofication series! That’s perfect.

Thanks! I’m proud of this one.