Caption request from @deeperinmypower

She woke up to a seemingly innocent message from a fan on twitter.

Hi there Pixie! I just wanted to say that I am a huge fan of your work, and it would be amazing if you could give me feedback on this new song I am writing. I hope you enjoy it! – Paul

‘Why not?’ She thought. It wasn’t as if she was very busy at the moment, and she certainly wasn’t getting out of bed any time soon. Her mind was still all foggy and gooey from sleep.

She clicked on the youtube link attached to the message and was brought to a video called “My First Song”, seemed pretty standard. She clicked play on the video and the screen was filled with a solid, neon pink. She almost looked away before the first chords of the melody played.

It was amazing. A mixture of many different instruments that just blended together into a perfect symphony that flooded into her mind, filling her with so much joy she could have jumped out of bed and started dancing on the spot. In fact she almost did, if it wasn’t for something flashing up on the screen for a few frames…

She wasn’t sure what it was, all she registered was a change in colour. But something was there…


There is was again. She thought she saw some sort of message, but the song that was flooding out of her headphones was drowning out her ability to focus. It felt as if something was trying to burrow deep into her mind…


It was as if a long lost part of her mind was trying to return, forcing it’s way inside through the music. Each swell of the tune washed over her body, and as it faded it just left her needing more.


She began to register the message that was being displayed to her, but only barely. A part of her realized that she was thinking about it too much… That her thoughts were only acting as an obstacle for what was just trying to make her happy.


Her eyes slowly began to become unfocused as the flashes of colour sank deep into her subconscious mind, the music acting as a pathway to the deepest, darkest parts of her thoughts. Everywhere the colour reached was swamped in a dazzling display, filled with all the colours of the rainbow.

Her mind was open now, and she could clearly make out the message that was hidden from her, all this time. A message of joy… Of worship… Of pleasure… Hidden within the waves of the melody that had burrowed itself deep into her deep subconscious

Her mind finally clicked.

She knew the truth now, she must worship the very soul of the man who created this awe inspiring music. And she must show the world how easy it is to devote your life to someone who is clearly far superior…

She got out of bed and sent an image of herself to her new master, proving to him that her body and mind were his to control. The reply was instant.

Very good. I will send you a file containing the exact music you heard today. I want you to use it at the start of your next song.”

She headed into work later that day with a certain skip in her step that did not go unnoticed. When ever anyone commented on it she just smiled and told them that today was going to be a very good day.