“You are deeply hypnotized.”

I am deeply hypnotized.

“The pleasure is taking you deeper.”

The pleasure is taking me deeper.

“The more you play with your cunt, the less you think.”

The more I play with my cunt, the less I think.

“You have stopped thinking.”

I have stopped thinking.

“You want me to think for you.”

I want you to think for me.

“You accept my words as your thoughts.”

I accept your words as my thoughts.

“Everything I say is true.”

Everything you say is true.

“My pleasure drugs you into mindless obedience.”

Your pleasure drugs me into mindless obedience.

“The harder you come for me, the more obedient you are.”

The harder I come for you, the more obedient I am.

“You love to come your mind away for me.”

I love to come my mind away for you.

“You need permission to come for me.”

I need permission to come for you.

“You want so badly to beg me for permission to stop thinking and come.”

I want…so badly, to, t-to beg you for…p-permission. To stop thinking. And come.

“Tell me something you need me to know.”

Please may I stop thinking and come?

“You may. Good girl! That’s it. Come all your thoughts away, come all your will away for me. Deeper into my power. Deeper into my control. Replacing all those thoughts with obedience, giving yourself over to me completely. Good girl. Good girl…that’s it. You are so deeply hypnotized now.”

I am…so deeply hypnotized now…

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