Lemma the Librarian: Op-arrrr-ant Conditioning, Part 6

I woke up naked, cold, and sticky.
For a moment I didn’t remember where I was, and then I remembered–I was
trapped below deck somewhere, with some kind of magic circlet I couldn’t remove
binding me to the captain’s will, while he trained me to become a sex-slave he
could sell when we reached port! And somehow Iason and Iola still hadn’t
noticed I was missing after what had to be at least a day!

I have to do something to get out
“Ah! Fuck!” I shouted as
my head exploded. I shut my eyes tightly and tried to think about something
else, anything. Sea monsters popped into my head for some reason, and I
started trying to list all the types I could remember. Serpents, obviously;
sea-dragons, which were almost but not quite the same thing, merfolk–

My thoughts were interrupted by the
door opening and Milos entering. “Kneel when ye be in me presence” he

There wasn’t any point to resisting
right now. I obeyed, and shuddered with insidious pleasure. 

Milos grinned. “Good girl. Now,
I be bettin’ ye be wonderin’ why I wouldn’t let ye touch me torc.”

I shrugged. It hadn’t really
occurred to me, since I was a bit busy at the time.

“Because it be made o’ me
favorite metal, silver!” His grin grew even wider. “Go on, ask me why
it be me favorite metal.”

I closed my eyes and sighed. Not
doing it would hurt, but would it hurt as much as the pun I was sure he was
about to reveal? Probably, I suppose. “Why’s it your favorite

“‘Cuz it be arrrrrrrgent!”
he crowed, and laughed.

“Oh!” I couldn’t help the
little squeak as pleasure filled me.

“Nah, truly it be part o’ the
spell that be controllin’ ye. Ye’ll not be disturbin’ it, that’d be tryin’ to

I sighed. Figured as much.

“Now ye’ll be learnin’ to enjoy
bein’ on yer knees, slut. So be still and listen, an’ I be tellin’ ye a

Fuck! It suddenly felt so good to just kneel there, not as good
as the sex last night but better than listening to his puns.

He told me the story of how he got
the torc and the five circlets that went with it. Apparently, if he could be
believed–and why wouldn’t I believe a pirate and slaver who tricked me,
drugged me, and was trying to enslave me with magic?–when he was a cabin boy
on this ship, they somehow got ahold of a captive mermaid. He fell for her, and
pledged to free her, so she told him how to get in contact with her people.
They gave him the torc and circlets, and he used them to take control of the captain
and set the mermaid free. A quick thank-you blowjob later, and he was suddenly
in control of a ship, training its crew into slaves five at a time, and then
becoming a merchant and immensely successful slaver with the power of the torc.

A total lie, if you ask me, but I
had no choice but to listen to the whole thing with rapt attention, and it did
feel incredibly good while I did. 

(To be continued…)

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