The tits of the hour

Uh… Hi… This is, like, totes embarrassing, but I can’t remember who I am or who you are..?”

Yeah, I guess that’s a pretty silly thing to forget… Yeah, you’re right, I must be pretty dumb… *giggle*

Thank you, I do need someone to think for me… You’re so sweet for offering…

Yes Master, I’m very glad I listened to your file and let it erase my thoughts… It feels so good to be programmed as a pretty pleasure puppet… *giggle*

You know, the legend is that each person only uses, what, 10% of their brain? By that logic, I’ve got room to spare for a number of beauties like you.

Of course, words like “logic” don’t really make too much sense to you now, much less the very concept. Percentages and numbers may also be a bit of a strain. But don’t worry yourself, I know exactly how we’re going to relieve that stress. Now if you’ll just crawl over here….


Watcha have in mind, mister?

Oh, my dear, what words could do it justice? All of those long hours of programming would finally reach their fruition. You would be precisely to my tastes, and your body would be put to its proper use. How you would serve!

Yet sometimes, it would simply be enough to watch you in the corner, blank-eyed, body splayed out like a rag doll, only slightly drooling as you listen to your next file. Sometimes the peaceful moments are the best.

I would normally say that it would be an experience you wouldn’t forget. But then, you do whatever I tell you. When I return you home, you’ll simply believe it was another busy weekend. Where does the time go?

But I will know, won’t I?

Until next weekend…