“I know the doctor said that the medicine would have some side effects, but I didn’t know they’d be this bad.

My body feels so weird and like, um, oogie. And ugh, I can barely think!

Like today I tried to do some work but it was all just so totally confusing or whatever. I wanted to do something to feel producti… prod…. um… like I was doing something. So I just spent like an hour doing makeup.

I never wear makeup! But it just felt so goood, ya know?

Does… does that make sense?

Ugh, I don’t even know what I’m, like, talking about!

I just feel so… so… dumb!


Why does that turn me on?

Can I just… sweetie…. I know you’re doing such a good job taking care of me while I’m on the medicine. But can… can….

Can you call me your dumb little slut?


Please, Sir? Master?

I’ll do anything.”