“…Okay, that was amazing.  I don’t even know what you did.  But it was like I was someone else…  Do it again?”

“You sure?”

“Yes!  Touch me on the forehead and make me think I’m a maid again.  Or something else.  Anything el–”


“…What was I talking about?  Why am I standing in your bathroom?  Did you hypnotize me again?  I’m not sure whether I can get used to thi–”


“…like, how come I’m wearing jeans?  They don’t even look, like, sexy or tight!  Can you help me, like, take them off?  *giggles* You’re cute.  Did you, like, put jeans on me?  Ooh!  Let’s go buy some cute skirts! Oh!  Let’s get ice cream!  Can we get ice cream right now?”

“You’re not wearing any pants, silly.”

“Oh my god!  You’re, like, totally right!  I forgot about that!  You’re so smart.”


“Fuck ice cream, I want something hot.  Can I suck your cock?  If you let me, I’ll show you my tits.  I want it so bad.  I’ll do anything you want!  Just please shove your hard cock down my throat.”


“Wow.  That was… Fuck, that was hot.  Please, just fuck me.  Fuck with my brain while you fuck my pussy.  Turn me into whatever turns you on.  It’s making me so horny to be a toy for you.  Do it again.  Please?”

“Good Girl.”