“Come on Jimmy, stop it! Its getting downright OBSCENE!”

Caitlyn was squirming and forcing a smile while Jimmy played with his new toy.

The two of them had developed the system together but she had drawn the short straw for the testing phase and was therefore the subject now. She absently rubbed the place at her hip where they had implanted the special receiver. She eyed the transmitter in Jimmy’s hand suspiciously.

Initial trials were successful in the lab. He could, through the receiver, send specific instructions to her body’s very code. It could be altered in any variety of ways. The results stunned both of them, but more-so Caitlyn. Jimmy was known for being a bit unpredictable at times.

But he had behaved. They had altered her height, body shape, even skin tone and voice. The transformation felt strange, but was not painful. Overall, it was a stunning success. And at the end of the testing phase, Jimmy was true to his word and put her back to her normal self, although she admitted to herself it would have been tempting to retain a few extra inches.

They had decided to celebrate with a special dinner. At her urging, Jimmy promised to leave the transmitter locked up in the lab. The receiver in her hip was designed to break down, but it was unclear how long that would take.

However, she began to feel strange halfway through the appetizer. She moved her foot and bumped into the table support. That didn’t make sense. It was a large table and her legs were not long enough to reach the middle. She took a peek down and frowned. Her legs certainly did seem longer, but nothing else about her had changed. Then, as she was looking down, her chest started to swell.

She looked up at Jimmy, who was grinning and holding the transmitter. She was furious.

“Oh, just smile, Caity,” he said as he fiddled with the device. She wanted to wring his neck but suddenly felt her own face contort into a wide smile. She couldn’t help it! She began to panic even as she felt her bra and dress become even tighter.

Jimmy looked at her with a lecherous grin. 

“That’s better Caity. This thing is going to make a lot of money for us. Its nearly perfect and thats thanks to you. However, I dont really feel like sharing so I have decided to make some, uh, changes. You will still be part of the project, just in a different capacity. I am sorry to have to do this, but it is for the best.”

He looked down at the device as she tried to process what he meant by that. Then she began to feel a flush creep through her body. She was getting turned on! What the hell? She should be scared and upset and all she was getting was hornier than ever before in her life. She looked up, still smiling.

“Oh, are you noticing something, dear? In case you were wondering, that feeling is your new baseline.” Jimmy grinned again.

She opened her mouth to speak when she suddenly forgot what she was going to say. Her head started to spin and feel like it was filling with cotton instead of her usual, clear thoughts. She looked up again with increasingly unfocused eyes.

Jimmy smiled, this time sweetly. “I told you not to worry, didnt I? Now, let me put some finishing touches on you…”