“Hi Master!”

Hello slave. Ready to start your shift at the hotel?

“Yup, Master! Thanks for converting me, Master. I’m very happy that I’m good enough to be a hypnoslut and a maid, Master.”

No problem. After seeing you by the pool, I knew I had to have you as part of the staff. Have you finished with your preperations?

“Of course, Master. I called my job right after I woke up, just like you conditioned me to. I really let them have it. They won’t be looking for me anytime soon.”

Good. And your other connections?

“Oh, I put everyone on blast on all my social media. Not even my grandma will want to talk to me after today.”

Just as it should be. And how did that make you feel?

“Amazing, Master. My pussy is still gushing about it. Would you like to sample me now, Master?”

Mmm… well, I guess you are on the clock. Remember to change the sheets after we finish, slave.

“I live to serve, Master.”