Misty tried to remember what he caught her with. She knew she’d been captured; she could feel the sphere in her mind, trapping and holding her thoughts until the only thing left for her to think was obedience. The necklace she wore was only a reminder, a symbol that told her every time she looked in the mirror that she was a part of the collection. She was owned, but it was her will that her Trainer had truly captured.

But how? Every time she tried to remember, it seemed like her mind went fuzzy with the struggle of recollection. She felt as if she was negotiating a mental labyrinth to reach the memory, each step exhausting her further as she wandered the maze in her head. Only it wasn’t a maze, because there were no wrong turnings. She couldn’t escape, she had to go deeper. Going deeper helped her remember, but it made it harder to think…

But she didn’t need to think to remember. Misty realized that the same way she always did, her mind sinking into passive acceptance of the movie that unfolded in her mind as she sat and stared blankly into nothing and sank deeper. She watched the duel between her and the other trainer, watched monsters battle with flame and lightning, and saw again the tiny tug on the hem of her shorts that distracted her from the battle. She saw herself look down, and see…and see what?

She couldn’t recognize it. She couldn’t even really see it; it had arms, legs, a head, but those all faded into a gray mist as her vision narrowed in on the undulating spiral markings on its belly. They pulled her gaze in just like the spiral was spinning, just like it whirled in her eyes and made her so deliciously sleepy. So warm and soft and drowsy. So good. So very, very nice to stare and sink deeper.

She heard the rival trainer whispering in her ears, felt fingers sliding into the waistband of her shorts and finding her soaked folds, but none of it seemed to matter next to that endless whirl. It felt so wonderful to watch, to numb her mind with endless spiral submission as her thoughts gently tumbled into the center and were held and caught there. Held. Caught. Captured. Trapped. She pictured the ball snapping shut around her will, and she gave in with a sigh of pure bliss.

But she still couldn’t remember what it was that captured her! It was something to do with the water, something to do with shape. Poly, poli, poli…it was no good. She’d lost it again. She’d have to start over. As her mind descended into the endless whirl once more, she barely even noticed that she was beginning to play with herself again.

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