“Did I do good, master?” Dana looked up at him and asked.

“You were okay.“ Warren replied in an aloof kind of way.

“I’m proud to wear your cum on my face.” She said.

“Of course you are. But you’re also eager to wipe it off with your fingers and guzzle it down.” He chuckled. “Or at least you are now that I’ve put the thought in your head.”

“Yes master. Thank you for putting thoughts in my head.” She said, her voice drawn and sleepy-like.

“You’re a good hypno-slut, just like Joyce.” He patted her, making sure to avoid touching the sticky white goo he painted her pristine face with.

“Thank you, master. I’m so sorry for yelling at you before.” She teared up a little, becoming all apologetic.

“That’s cute. But you’re not mad at me anymore, are you?”

“Of course not, master. You’re allowed to fuck any whore you want in any hole you wish. It was stupid of me to accuse you of cheating on my best friend.” She admitted. It was somewhat liberating, getting that weight off her chest.

“Just another fun thought I put into that silly, empty head of yours, slut.” He  nudged her chin with his forefinger’s knuckle, and tucked his depleted cock back into his trousers. Dana watched his meat with an open mouth and salivating lips. Just another important urge he put in her mind, as he penetrated her subconscious.

“Now go back to your room. Wake Joyce up, and tell her I want you to share my cum with her. She’ll know what to do.”

“Yes master. Thank you so very much for fucking my face, master.” She said meekly, and nearly got back up on her feet.
“Crawl out the door, cunt. And shake that hot ass for me.” Warren stopped her.

“Of course, master. Anything you wish.”

“And come back in an hour or two. Your pretty face needs more fucking.” He led her by the hair like a pet, and spanked her before closing the door on her.

“Wonder how many people will get to see her on her way to the girls’ dorm.” He laughed to himself, and lay down on the bed, already planning new fun ways to degrade the newest bitch in his harem of obedient sex toys.