Poised and perfectly still, her mind started to race. She had fantasized about this for so long, but she didn’t really want it, did she?  All of those nights she spent reading those stories and imagining that it was her losing control, losing her mind and succumbing to the desire that was forced upon her body were so fucking hot, that was true, but it was just a fantasy…right?  It was healthy to have an active mind and indulge in fantasies with the knowledge that they were only the impossible situations of her imagination.

“Very good. You are doing so well.”

But this was not her imagination.  This was actually happening.  She had lost control, she had lost her mind, and the desire growing inside of her teased the thought that she would soon succumb to any command in order to find relief.  She couldn’t shake the thought that this had to be impossible, but each time she tried to believe it she had to accept that it was happening.  The impossible was happening.  That meant that anything could happen.

“It feels so good to be on display for me and obedient to my every command.”

Holy shit, it really did.  How did she end up like this?  It had started off so innocently before it turned into something else.  Getting together to watch the season premier…then getting a little drunk catching up before the show because she got there early…getting a little stoned before it started because that always makes tv better…enjoying the pleasant buzz as she immersed herself in the tale of fiction.  Then episode was over and she remembered feeling like she wanted more.  She had continued talking, but her altered state had somehow quickly moved the conversation from trying to remember who coined the phrase “willing suspension of disbelief” to admitting her secret fetish.  How did that happen?

“So happy to have found someone to make your dreams come true.”

She was happy, she couldn’t deny that.  She felt the warmth grow through her frozen body.  Her lips desperately wanted to break into a smile, but they only quivered in desire at the knowledge that they were no longer hers to control.  She had lost control last night.  Her confession had immediately evoked a response that she could give it a try if she really wanted.  In that moment she really did, and that was all it took.

“Accepting every word I speak as undeniably and irresistibly true.”

Within minutes, she realized that for the first time in her life she was actually hypnotized.  She would have many thoughts and questions inside of her own mind after that, but that was the last realization of her mind before it had been enslaved.  Over and over again, her doubts had been extinguished as she was continually surprised at her state of undress and constantly aroused by her surprise and submission.

“In a moment I am going to have you open your eyes and ask me for what you truly desire.”

What did she desire?  She knew she desired this because she had never been this turned on, but the thought of sexual slavery was terrifying.  How could she give herself over to someone else so completely?  How could she ever trust someone to be responsible with her empty and pliant mind while she willingly subjected herself to round after round of hypnotic brainwashing?  Why did the danger of it turn her on even more?  Was she missing anything that was being said while her mind was racing through these thoughts?  Was that her voice that was speaking now?

“Please sir, I want some more” she pleaded.


“Please sir, I want some more” she begged.  She expected a rebuke, but as she spoke the words she felt her mind shatter into a millions pieces again and again as she fell deeper into submission.

“Good girl.”